Monday, July 31, 2006

Teeming Millions

Dear Teeming Millions of Neonapple Blog Fans:

I am officially announcing that I am going to be on blog writing hiatus Fri Aug. 4 - Sun. Aug. 13. When I come back I will be sure to tell you the wonderful developments that I'll need to catch you all up on.

However - my select mini teeming millions crew can be sure to check out the secret blog for up to the minute developments.

Knitting fans - never fear my goal is to come back from the hiatus with one finished Watercolor sock.

Have a great weeks guys,

Friday, July 28, 2006

Portable Knitting

I am now a huge fan of the portable knitting project. I have followed the "Yarn Harlot" and now have a traveling sock. This pair will be simalar to the ones I did for LogoAnn. She assures me that she will post a pic of herself sporting the Birthday Socks but I have yet to see proof of this on LogoAnn's Blog: blogin' it. Maybe she will post a pic since she has officially pledged to blog 4 time a week. A lofty goal but doable non-the-less. Good luck on that one LogoAnn. I however, will be the first to admit that I am too much of a pansy to set such high expectations for myself.

The new socks are actually for myself - I know I am being selfish but I think I deserve at least one pair of socks that I knit myself. The yarn is a yummy one from Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock in Watercolor.

Lorna's Laces - Watercolor

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Spic & Span

It only took me one week but I finished the socks for my Ohio Grandma. The yarn was Muench's Tessin (Blue Color #808 & Yellow Color #839), which is a superwash wool, acrylic, cotton mix. So it will be easy to throw them in the washer on a gentle cool wash and line dry. I love easy care fibers! Now all they have to do is dry, since I washed them, then I can send them off to Ohio.

Grandma's Socks

On other fronts, the husband comes back from Texas today. He has been gone since last Thursday, so last night I went on a late night cleaning ramage through our apartment. My neighbors must hate me running the dishwasher not once but twice, which I guess either means that I have a monstrous appetite or that I am a pig. Take your pick I would venture that both are equally true sometimes. Not only that but I was also sweeping the house at midnight! I really am surprised that someone didn't knock on my door and tell me to keep the noise down. Then since I was on such a good roll I actually mopped my kitchen & bathrooms. Now at that point, I venture to say I was just plain crazy. So by 2am I finally went to bed. Bedtime? What bedtime?

Monday, July 10, 2006

"Masculine" Socks

I finished the husband's socks this past week. He has been happily sporting them around the house. I don't think he has ever has any fun colored socks other than the basic white or black. What is it with men sticking to the standard "masculine colors"? From what I can tell the universal "masculine colors" seem to be black, brown, dark blue (can't be too bright), gray, green. The husband picked the yarn for his slipper socks and look at what colors they are - the exact color palate for the "masculine" man! What about teal, lime green, red, dark purple? I think these colors look great on guys and they need more man time.

Sexy Husband Feet

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Adventures in Felting

Well the husband finally finished my latest knitting pics. I have been getting a lot of inquiries on the Booga Bag. I also received a verbal comment on the Booga Bag picture that I posted the other week stating that the reader felt sorry that my Booga Bag didn't at all resemble the finished picture on the pattern . . . well LogoAnn (insert deep inspirational voice here). . . TAAAAA . . . DAAAAA! Behold the miracle of felting! You'll notice the unshapely knitted bag - then the blocking stage where the washed and damp wool gets stretched over a box form - and then amazingly enough a stiffer and shapely Booga Bag results. It actually will stand up on it's own.

Bag - from knitted to felted

I am very happy with my first foray into felting! See it does look almost exactly like the example bag! I even used the same yarn color. I think my handles are a bit shorter though - I think That's just becasue I was anxious to finish so my iCord was shorter.

Example Bag

End of childish "I told you so" moment of the week.

Oh Here is a pic of the much anticipated Birthday Socks I knit for LogoAnn. She has now received them so I can post the pic now. I am still awaiting a pic of her wearing them - hint hint.

Birthday Socks