Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Force is With Me

I finally finished the husband's R2D2 hat. The pattern is courtesy of Meg from Mega(k)nits. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for the husband but he found the pattern when I printed it and he was so excited I just couldn't be mean and not let him have it especially since he can wear it for Halloween.

After knitting this hat, I really understand why inartesia simply does not work while knitting in the round. Usually I can knock out a hat in a few hours but this one took considerably longer since I got frustrated with the color changing and it took a while to get used to duplicate stitch. Plus this was the first grid pattern that I have worked with so a little bit of counting was involved.

Now that I have done one I could probably knock another out much faster but I think I would have to charge for it. Watch next the Husband's Star Wars Club want them! I hope that the Princess Leia Bun Hat is fun because that will be next.

R2D2 Hat

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Deed of the Day

Why am I such a sucker for cats? Mt mother and her boyfriend have been feeding a stray calico cat for about a year now. Last year I told her that when you feed a cat everyday, she is yours and you should get her fixed. Otherwise you are going to end up with a litter of kittens. So, my mother the queen of procrastination, didn't get the calico spayed and now of course she has a litter of kittens.

The boyfriend caught all the kittens and is planning on taking them to a shelter that will fix the whole lot for a reduced fee but they won't of course take the litter because they have no room. No one we know wants kittens - but if you do PLEASE PLEASE let me know ASAP.

I am visiting my mother this week and I got to see the litter for the first time. I felt so horrible for them they were covered in fleas. I couldn't leave them like that of course. So I gave my mom a crash course in kittens and keeping them in a cage. Then I gave the whole lot flea baths and a month's dose of flea and tick medicine.

I am so very tired. The cats took the bathing quite well. I was surprised! Now I have a bunch of scratches on my arms but the peace of mind knowing that I am leaving the cat family much much better than the way I found them. I am trying to convince my mother to keep the calico kitten called "Sundae". She is a very good tempered kitten. They all are really but I just like her the best of the lot I guess. The huband would absolutely kill me if I brought her home though.

Female Kitten

The Rest of the Family
(By the Food Bowls) Adult Female Calico - "Mama"
(In the litter box) Male Orange/White - "Creamsicle"
(In the Bed) Female Tortoiseshell with Tan Nose - "Tanny"
(In the Bed) Female Tortoiseshell with Orange on left of Face - "Lefty"
(In the Bed) Female Tortoiseshell with Orange Right Rear Paw - "Boot"

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am totally a Pot Head!

I can't beleive that I have plowed throught the Harry Potter books so quickly! I just finished Book 6 and now I am holding Book 7 with reverance and awe. I don't want the Harry Potteress to ever end!

Will he go back to Hogwarts? Will he become a auror? Will Harry have to kill? Who will die next? I am full of questions the MUST be answered! How can there ONLY be one more book?! I want to know more about adult Harry Potter - I personally think he should be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. And will he get back together with Ginny?

Logoann has suggested a break before starting Book 7 - to digest and ponder . . .

Oh by the way - no spoiler comments on Harry please for those of you who have already read Book 7. THe Husband has already real all the spoiler stuff and I have a heard enough time keeping him from blabbing.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Out of Commission

Well I have been out of commission this past weekend. I threw my back out last Wednesday evening and I haven't been right since. It was the silliest thing - I was giving the kitten a bath in the bathroom sink. So I was leaning into the sink which is what did it because the next thing I knew I felt the vertebrae move and then my legs crumpled under me. Luckily I was wedged between the sink and the toilet other wise I would have fallen then and there holding a squirming wet kitten.

The pain was so intense that we contemplated going to the emergency room. I couldn't walk, sit, stand, twist, turn, basically I was immobile. So Thursday, Friday and today the chiropractor put my L4 & L5 vertebrae back into their correct place, which has helped immensely, and went to the regular doctor to get some good meds to help ease the pain. Now it's just the surrounding muscles that are all tight and constricted. At least now I can walk a bit and have a little more range of motion.

Logoann and the husband really picked up the ball though because I couldn't lift, hold, or play with Little Man at all and they completely took over. I won't lie it was a bit (ok more than a bit) difficult to let everyone else do the things I normally do with Little Man and around the house. For a control freak - letting go is hard but I soon got over it since I was hardly in a position to do things the way I would normally do them. They really saved the day though, so all praise the Husband and Lgoann even though Logoann did at one point have to tell me to "shut up" with my backseat mothering! A control freak can't go cold turkey I guess.

So here I am laying on the sofa, with everything I need close at hand, the computer, my Harry Potter book (I just started Book 6), pain meds, muscle relaxer meds, water, the TV remotes, and of course my trusty cold compress pack. What more could I need except movement without pain? Today I transitioned into normal life again - but only for about 1/2 of a day since the Husband watched Little Man for a while so I could go to the Chiropractor again.

By the way I am close to being done with the R2D2 hat. The hat itself is done but I now need to add the duplicate stitch to make it look like R2D2's head and not just a striped hat.