Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ashamed to be Republicans??

The comment was made on TV today that at the GOP convention the actual word "REPUBLICAN" is almost nowhere to be seen on the convention floor except for in very small print on the individual state signs. The argument could be made that they are actually ashamed to be republicans - either that or they have a very poor branding and marketing staff - not even to mention the canned and bland power point show they have constantly going on in the background.

On top of all this the GOP is so embarrassed by their own Republican President that Bush did not even attend the convention but only made appearance by satellite. The GOP says they want to "take back" Washington - they have had it for the last 8 years and look what they have done with it! We are in not one war but two - one against Bin Ladin (which is often on the back burner) and the much larger war for OIL in Iraq. Plus our economy is in shambles and everyday Americans are having trouble just paying for the basic necessities of life like groceries and fuel for their vehicles.

It seems like the Republicans just want a stop gap measure to DRILL our way into more oil dependence by drilling on our own coastlines, ruining our environment and putting coastal vacation destinations who rely in tourism for their economy to be marred by offshore oil Riggs.

The Republican Convention and McCain-Palin also in very poor taste used the fear and suffering of 9/11 to prop up their international stand on terrorism. This election is not about 9/11 and political use of the lives of families devastated by that event is a travesty! Someone may have forgotten to tell them but that was the 2004 election.

By the way have you noticed the subtle use of the "Dallas" theme song being used through out the Republican Convention - can you say "BIG OIL"!?


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