Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My Memories of Carl Cohen

Shana has been my best girlfriend, since we were in 4th grade. We survived elementary and middle school together and then proceeded in to high school and college together. And through this whole time Carl was always a constant that you could count on. He was always at every important milestone in Shana's life and thus he was always at mine as well.

I can't even count how many sleepovers and family meals I always felt welcomed to. Susan and Carl are the my parents of my heart and Shana is my chosen sister.

Carl was always fun to be around and always had a smile and hug for all of Shana's friends. He always fed us more than any of us could possibly eat.

It was Carl that I saw as a father figure as I grew up with Shana - he was what I always imagined what I would want a father to be like in my life.

Between going on camping trips with Carl's colorful attempts to put up a leaky tent and Carl's attempts to fix an aquarium, to swimming in the backyard pool - I will always remember Carl's wit and klutziness, which is legendary.

Carl advised me on buying my first car and made me feel like more than just a family friend but a daughter as well.

There are many of Shana's friends that had the benefit of experiencing Carl as a father vicariously through Shana and I know that Dennis and I are only two of many, who looked to Carl as a father.

He was the best father and will always live on in so many hearts - I count myself as blessed to be just one of the many lives he touched and made a difference in.

Thank you Carl.

I love you and will miss you.

Carl Cohen