Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Countdown to Friday 8/25 @ 3pm

We are all set to close on the house this Friday Aug. 25 at 3 pm. One of the hugest events of our life as a married couple and I don't even get to be there or sign anything! We actually get the keys that day too and the in-laws will be coming to visit and see the house on Saturday. At least I don't have to worry about cleaning the house for the Mother-in-Law's first visit! Right now the house is probably cleaner than it ever will be with us living in it!

I don't know how I am going to deal with the MIL telling me how she thinks I should set up house. I just hope I don't burst into tears or yell back or something!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Our Neighborhood!

As if you haven't seen enough . . . here are more pics from our neighborhood. Now no one is going to want to come see us - you all will have seen enouugh pics to last a lifetime of visits! Just wait till fall and we have leaves changing colors in the neighborhood - lucky for you all our trees are on the tiny side so there will be less leaves to photograph! Then again I could always take pics this winter featuring our first snowfall as homeowners. By then we will have to clean up the snow becasue we won't want to look like the neighborhood slackers.

View From Our Front Yard

View From Front Yard Looking to the Right

View from Front Yard Looking to the Left

Our Backyard

Closeup of my Kitchen Counters

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More House Pics

Our House Listing on Realtor.Com

The Entrance to our Subdivision - Galloway Ridge

Our House

The 4th Bedroom - Jim's Future Office

Dining Room (Standing in Living Room) - Looking to the Kitchon on the Lift and the Back Yard where we will build our deck

The Front Door

The Second Bathroom (aka Future Kids'/Guest Bath)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Welcome Home!

Holy crap - we actually did it we became adults this week! We bought a house! So here's how it all went down:

Friday Aug. 4th I flew to Ohio at 12am. I had just enough time to freshen up before our first appointment with our realtor at 11am the next Day on Saturday. We looked at several houses - one of which literally stunk. We also looked at some new-build homes. By the end of the day we saw the house we liked. It is a 4 bedroom that is about 1500 sq. ft. built in 2002. It has new flooring and was freshly painted, so it is move-in ready! On Sunday - we went to see the house again and that's when we made our decision after visiting the house at various times of the morning, afternoon, and evening. We even got to talk with one of the next-door neighbors, who mentioned that the only problem with the neighborhood is that it is too quiet. Which I fail to see as a negative aspect. The neighborhood is really cute with sidewalks and has a park as well as the local middle school within walking distance!

So the rest of the week went like a whirlwind! We signed loads of papers and are supposed to close by August 31!! WOW - I can't believe we did it. It freaks me out a bit that I have paid for homeowners insurance on a property that technically isn't even ours quite yet!

More drama happened today with the house - the owners who technically are the builders of the house - don't want to let us close with a title company in CA! So now we have to get legal paperwork drawn up making Jim my temporary power-of-attorney or we need to close over the phone which is not ideal and really limits our rights as a buyer.

It will all work out. So I guess you all want pics . . . .

Here's our new house!