Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Knitting Olympics ??

I just realized this week that the 2008 Summer Olympics will start on
08/08/2008, and I got all excited and told the husband that he is going to
have to pitch in some baby watching time so I could participate in the
Knitting Olympics again.

I have a project all picked out since I already have the yarn in the stash
for an organic cotton teddy bear for the Little Man. But I can't find anything
about the 2008 Knitting Olympics online. Is it still on? In
any event I plan on knitting the Organic Teddy bear for the Olympics.

Knit on!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Sock Monster

I know it has been way way too long since I wrote but, what can I say Little Man keeps e BUSY!

Have you ever been folding your laundry and realize you are missing a sock. Well the missing sock problem got so bad for us that I actually started a whole drawer just for lonely socks seeking mates to be found at a later date.

Well I have cought the culprit red handed with sock in hand! You guessed it - the actual "Sock Monster"! There is actually such a being and I now have photographic proof. I am thinking about contacting Ripey's Believe it or Not and Inside Edition. After all if someone will pay for a picture of Big Foot or the even scarier Paris Hilton then maybe I can make some bucks here.

Yes . . . it's Little Man. He is my personal "Sock Monster". I find socks (clean ones mind you - stolen from the laundry basket) everywhere. The toy bins, under the sofa, behind tables, in book shelves - yes the socks somehow find there way to these normally sockless areas of my home.

So if you are missing socks, I suggest looking in Little Man's hiding places - You never know where the Sock Monster will hid your favorite footies.

Sock Monster Nabbing a Sock with a quick get-a-way!