Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shock of the Day!!

Oh my Gosh! We have had quite the shock this morning! We took the kitten in to the vet last night since she was spposed to be spayed this morning. Then I got a call from the vet saying there was an issue with the kitten but everything is ok.

The kitten however does not need to be spayed but instead needs to be neutered! Kitten is in fact a boy!!! Now keep in mind that we went to the humane society just so this wouldn't happen because they are pros right. So the humane society vet missed it. Now the kitten has also been to our own vet not once but 3 times to get the rest of the necessary vaccination shots. So there is 3 more times kitten was seen by a vet and it was missed again.

So 4 times vets and vet techs have been working with and handling kitten and now that we get to the point fo actually surgically cutting the kitten open we find out oops yeah we made a mistake. Now keep in mind that kitten has a very girlie name that doesn't go both ways.

The husband was shocked and declared we have a transvestite kitty! Interestingly enough the husband is in Wyoming working on a ranch for a work retreat and they are castrating bulls today - the same procedure we now have to do on the kitten.

We specifically didn't want a boy cat. We didn't want to deal with spraying and biting etc. But now we have bonded with the kitten . . . what to do - what do do ?

So the vet is going to neuter the kitten free of charge, since she feels so badly that thay missed his package not once but 3 times. And he will also be front declawed. So on the good side this is going to be much much cheaper then we had thought.

Now we just have to get used to having another little boy in the house. so now I have two little men!

Our little Turncoat
But we still love him!