Saturday, May 27, 2006

Makeover Day

We have officially made it through 3 days together and I haven't even thought about killing Mom . . . but I do admit to rolling my eyes quite a bit.

Thursday I put Mom on a San Francisco bus tour and then to the Asian Art Museum, where we throughly wore ourselves out. I won't go into detail about everything we saw becasue if you know Mom she will take care of that when you see her. Suffice to say she has pictures to document each part of ther trip so far.

Yesterday on Friday, we bummed around, relaxed, and topped the day off with a chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy for both Mom and me. I really wanted Mom to to something to pamper and take care of herself and a massage seemed to fit that bill quite nicely. She was so relaxed that she looked like she had had a few glasses of wine!

Today, Saturday, we both had our hair done. Mom mentioned that she should color her hair so I made her an appointment. I don't think she expected to have her hair done but I thought she definately needed to do it! Her hair has been the same for 20+ years - it was time for a change. After all it was a golden opportinuty for the sister and I to update Mom's hair! No more blonde!

We gave her hair a bite more of a pixi look taking away the round look her hair had around the sides. We also darkened it to a dark blonde - what we call caffe au lait. She has also gotten instruction on how to FINGER brush her hair and "mess" it up correctly - no more combing to the side. It should be wasier for her to take care of. She always wanted to have her hair look good even if it got windblown - so now she has it.

Now what should the next step of the makover be? I don't think that I could get her to shop for clothes anywhere other than Goodwill - we may need to call in proffessional help for that step. We should call that show "What Not to Wear".



Friday, May 19, 2006

End of the World

Have you ever had one of those days at work where everything seems to be falling down around your ears? My office feels like that right now. I have a staff member who has handed in a resignation because our boss is so horrible to work with because of his passive aggressive tendencies. The boss on the other hand is in denial of her resignation and refused to accept her verbal resignation and doesn't want to inform the board.

This particular staff member is a great employee, has described her job as her "dream job" and is a huge asset to the organization. It is a true shame that they are leaving because my boss needs intense psychological therapy so he can deal rationally and cordially with his staff. It is a true testimony of his lack of management style that after many attempts of communication this staff member felt the only way to deal with him was to leave the organization. Granted the organization will move on and staff members can be replaced - one person does not a program make but still!

To make matters worse our boss is having constant arguments with another staff member over the hiring of a new staff member. It is suffice to say that everyone is walking around with scared looks on their faces. It is almost like we are kids hearing the parents fighting and don't know what to do or how to act.

On top of all this wonderfulness - I am working early tomorrow in Oakland for a Board Meeting where I have to play hostess for breakfast & lunch and then take the meeting minutes - on a Saturday no less!

I need a massage - thank god I have one scheduled next week when mom is here - I will be super crazy by then with all this positive atmosphere going on around me!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

7 Days of Sanity Left

So I have 7 more days of sanity left until my mother decends upon me - or rather visits me.

I think I will send her on a SF grayline tour on Thursday morning or deposit her at the SF Library I until I get off of work at noon on Thursday. Then maybe some Chinatown, Alcatraz, or Pier 39.

Museums have been suggested - we'll see about that.

I am scheduling a massage for her on Friday. Partly so she can relax and enjoy her vacation - partly so I can have an hour to myself! She can't say no becasue I am having one too. So that's 2.5 hours to myself. Woo hoo!

Aside from that I am really not sure what I am going to do with her.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

You all may need to send the men in the little white coats to take me off to a rubber room somewhere in BFE at the end of the month. Don't ask me why - but I invited my mother to come and visit in CA Memorial Day weekend and she is actually coming. Usually she just ho's and hum's about doing it but the ticket is actually purchased and the dates are set. I even asked for a whopping 1.5 days of vacation time off with a minimum of grumbling from the boss, who doesn't believe in families or vacation time.

So what will I do with the mother for 5 days? At least it's not a week and only a long weekend. I don't think I could have taken that.

Oh my I will have to start planning a few mom friendly activities. Unfortunately these type of activities are not usually the ones I would normally do but this is supposed to be quality time . . . God help me I see historic Spanish missions in my near future!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Guilty Pleasures

Ok I have found the Spring & Summer danger zone of everyday splurges. So for Winter and Fall Starbucks is the indispouteed winner but I declare Jamba Juice (fruit smoothies) to rule the warmer months.

I just found a Jamba Juice within walking distance from my office I ironically have to pass not one but two Starbucks to get there.

All these everyday splurges - I don't even want to know how much money I could have saved in my lifetime if I just put the $4/day into a savings account rather than going to Starbucks or Jamba Juice