Monday, July 31, 2006

Teeming Millions

Dear Teeming Millions of Neonapple Blog Fans:

I am officially announcing that I am going to be on blog writing hiatus Fri Aug. 4 - Sun. Aug. 13. When I come back I will be sure to tell you the wonderful developments that I'll need to catch you all up on.

However - my select mini teeming millions crew can be sure to check out the secret blog for up to the minute developments.

Knitting fans - never fear my goal is to come back from the hiatus with one finished Watercolor sock.

Have a great weeks guys,


  • Gee willikers... I don't feel like teeming millions...

    By Blogger logoANN, at 1:27 PM  

  • I heard about some of your news...congratulations!!!

    By Blogger Zegi, at 5:27 AM  

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