Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Force is With Me

I finally finished the husband's R2D2 hat. The pattern is courtesy of Meg from Mega(k)nits. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for the husband but he found the pattern when I printed it and he was so excited I just couldn't be mean and not let him have it especially since he can wear it for Halloween.

After knitting this hat, I really understand why inartesia simply does not work while knitting in the round. Usually I can knock out a hat in a few hours but this one took considerably longer since I got frustrated with the color changing and it took a while to get used to duplicate stitch. Plus this was the first grid pattern that I have worked with so a little bit of counting was involved.

Now that I have done one I could probably knock another out much faster but I think I would have to charge for it. Watch next the Husband's Star Wars Club want them! I hope that the Princess Leia Bun Hat is fun because that will be next.

R2D2 Hat


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