Monday, July 14, 2008

The Sock Monster

I know it has been way way too long since I wrote but, what can I say Little Man keeps e BUSY!

Have you ever been folding your laundry and realize you are missing a sock. Well the missing sock problem got so bad for us that I actually started a whole drawer just for lonely socks seeking mates to be found at a later date.

Well I have cought the culprit red handed with sock in hand! You guessed it - the actual "Sock Monster"! There is actually such a being and I now have photographic proof. I am thinking about contacting Ripey's Believe it or Not and Inside Edition. After all if someone will pay for a picture of Big Foot or the even scarier Paris Hilton then maybe I can make some bucks here.

Yes . . . it's Little Man. He is my personal "Sock Monster". I find socks (clean ones mind you - stolen from the laundry basket) everywhere. The toy bins, under the sofa, behind tables, in book shelves - yes the socks somehow find there way to these normally sockless areas of my home.

So if you are missing socks, I suggest looking in Little Man's hiding places - You never know where the Sock Monster will hid your favorite footies.

Sock Monster Nabbing a Sock with a quick get-a-way!


  • I think that it would be more realistic if you only used the blurry image. Like any good monster sighting (bigfoot, lockness) you want to grainy, obscure images that can be debated by charlatans and zealots later.

    By Blogger logoANN, at 10:02 AM  

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