Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweater Anxiety

Last night I was sitting in my sweater class and I was all proud that I had my homework all done ready to finish my collar and my teacher tells me that since she made a mistake on last week's class handout she had made another one to go over again and by the way the homework I did went too far.

So I had been all proud of myself only to find out that I now had to rip out and unknit 10 rows! I couldn't just rip it out willy nilly neither though since there are stitch markers involved and decrease points so one by one I unknitted each stitch. It took me the whole class to undo the homework that I did! No one else had actually finished their homework so they ended up being ok. I was so upset that I was basically wasting a class to unkit plus she went over last week's class over again with her "new and improved". I was so upset and anxious that I actually couldn't wait till class was over and I kept looking at my cell phone to check the time. Ok it probably didn't help that I hadn't actually eaten much of anything the whole day and it was 9pm at the time. So not only was I upset and anxious but I felt like I was going to pass out from not eating or drinking anything all day.

I have to keep reminding myself that I took this class for fun! In the end the husband ended up taking me out to Denny's to eat before he took me home after class so I could eat. He was so sweet - he picked me up in his PJ's and sandals and didnt' complain one bit that we went out with him looking like that and I was so upset that I didnt' care - it was only Denny's after all. He is so wonderful! Unfortunately the dinner was less than spectacuar and the service wasn't even close to average but that is for another rant.

I ended the evening with a Tylenol and 5mg of Valium so I could calm down. A class that I took for fun really should not require valium to survive it! On the up side I am still very mellow this morning thanks to the valium.


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