Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When You Should Just Stay Home

So today was one of those days when everything just screams that you should have just stayed home. I went to BART on time only to wait for my train and find that there were delays because of a problem north of where I was at Daly City. BART had shut down all service on the peninsula. So I called up the husband, who was getting ready to go to work, and he said he would just take me with him to Daly City or Balboa Park so I could catch BART there. Minutes later the BART attendant says that NO trains are going into SF at all! So nothing is going north into the city!

Ok plan C goes into effect - I'll take the Caltrain. I go to the San Bruno Caltrain station and it is closed/gone. I don't knwo if they moved it or if there isn't a San Bruno Stop or what.

Ok off to plan D - I went home and the husband drives me into the city because there is basically no affordable parking in the financial district for me to drive my car.

So the wonderful husband drives me into the city and then 15 minutes later calls me - the car's engine is heating up - the temp light is on - and smoke/steam is pouring out of the engine. He thinks it's the radiator and is going to try to make it to the repair shop. - He didn't make it. He ended up having to tow the car to the repair shop and fenangled a ride home from a guy at the repair shop, so he could then pick up my car and drive to work.

So I didn't get to the office until about 10:45am and the husband I bet didn't make it to his office till about noon. We should have just called off the whole day and stayed in bed!


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