Monday, June 19, 2006

Anthing but Work

I have one more day until my boss comes back from China and my mind is totally not on work today. I came into the city prepared to start knitting a pair of slipper socks for the husband. I have been promising to start them and he keeps asking about them so I had better get them done. The husband's slipper socks are the first project made possible by the Neonapple Knitting Fund, which has a very exclusive membership so far. So the husband has Phatfrog to thank for his slipper socks. When the socks are done, I'll have to make sure that the husband wears them at Phatfrog's house, when we go to visit.

So today I am avoiding work and I am secretly rolling the husband's sock yarn into balls underneath my desk. It will be harder to secretly knit the swatch under my desk so I can figure out his pattern. Whoever though that I would be the 007 of knitters?!

Becasue every project has to be perfect of course - last night I reknit a portion of a mystery project for someone who actually reads this blog, so I can't show the pic of that project until next week. Hmm I wonder who that person is? Anyways I will post a pic of that project next week when I can get a pic of the un-named recipient with said project.

The Husband's sock Yarn
Noro Kureyon 100% wool color # 150


  • My big sister, alway the hard worker. You do the family proud... [eyes misting over, unable to contintue to type....]

    By Blogger logoANN, at 2:12 PM  

  • I have a great work ethic - my focus was just on knitting socks and not on the work that my office actualy pays me for.

    By Blogger neonapple, at 4:30 PM  

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