Thursday, February 09, 2006

Going for the gold

Let the games begin! Tonight I am going to the kick off ceremony of the Knitting Olympics at ImagiKnit in San Francisco. I imagine myself to be in the Children's Sweater Event.

I have been in training this week - studied my pattern - wound my yarn into balls - knitted a swatch and figured out my stitch count. I am just waiting to hear the gun go off so I can cast on! However the Olympic drama has already begun.

[Insert annoying sportscaster voice here] Striving towards her first Knitting Olympics Neonapple is already a row behind her fellow knitters and the Olympic torch hasn't even been lit. After a strenuous few days of training before the opening ceremony, it has been rumored that NeonApple is suffering from a strained left forearm muscle. NeonApple's knitting coach and teammates are confidant that she can work through her pain and successfully complete her first heat this evening. Can Neonapple go the distance? Yard by yard we'll keep you up to date on her progress.
Exclusive coverage of Neonapple's progress will be posted here so you can all share in the excitement that is the Knitting Olympics. [Insert inspiring Olympic march here]

You can throw the bouquets of roses at my feet when I cross the finish line in 2 weeks - so don't pick the roses just yet. When I successfully complete the Knitting Olympics I get a gold medal icon to adorn my blog!


  • It is my mousing arm too - do you think my boss will be upset if I refuse to so any computer work so I can rest my knitting arm?

    By Blogger neonapple, at 9:53 AM  

  • I know your injury won't hold you back. Just remember to take deep breaths, and refuse to use the strained arm for anything but knitting. Maybe a steroid injection would help. That may be against the rules. You didn't hear that suggestion from me.

    By Blogger Zegi, at 9:53 AM  

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