Sunday, January 22, 2006

Scary but full weekend

So as it turns out I did not get to go to my sleep over. Oh well - I guess I didn't need all booze after all. But come to think of it I probably could have hit the bottle a little this weekend with good cause.

My baby is sick - my kitty cat that is - no I haven't miraculously given birth to a baby or anything. She hasn't been eating or drinking normally and her personality was just very off.

So on Saturday morning kitty and I went off to the vet - not her favorite trip. After all would you like going to a place where they stick a thermometer up your butt, poke you with a needle to take out your blood, poke you with another needle to give you antibiotics, then yet again becasue you enjoy it so much poke you with a third needle to give you an IV to pump you full of fluids to hydrate you and just to make sure your visit was thoroughly enjoyable the vet feels you up thoroughly to feel all your internal organs.

Now after this very pleasant visit to the vet my poor baby just wanted to go home - imagine a kitty who looks a little lopsided because there is a mass of fluids that just got pumped into her one side.

Now then because I am such a loving mommy - my poor baby gets a medicine dropper each morning and night with antibiotics, and then again medicine droppers full of water, and to bring down her temp and make her more comfy I get to shove a baby aspirin down her throat. You can imagine I am quite popular with kitty right about now.

I was quite happy though that kitty ate a can of tuna yesterday - it may have taken her all day to do it - but it made me very happy.

Hopefully she will start drinking more water so I don't have to give it to her with a medicine dropper and then she maybe won't need another IV on Tuesday. The vet said that her blookwork showed a bacterial infection and elevated whiteblood cells - we are hoping that this is just a kidney infection and not an infection on top of another more serious illness with her kidneys. We will see.

So because all this was going on and I didn't get to go to my sleep over I felt I had to be productive in some other way - I chose putting away the Christmas tree and decorations. WOW - tearing down is so much faster than putting up. So the house is not only holiday free right now but relatively clean.

Now if you haven't noticed yet - I apparently am a nervous cleaner. I tend to tidy up things when I am upset and worried. Thus my clean house right now.

To wind down the weekend - a coworker, Sara, came to visit me on Sunday evening to knit with me. So I got a ton of knitting done and finished my homework for my Socks Class and got industrious and started sock #2.

We had the most interesting conversation about religion, specifically Paganism and Wicca. She identifies with Wicca. Which really isn't a scarry thing it is a very natural belief and really isn't very different than Catholicism. Now some of you are saying - oh geeze another new age California thing - next thing you know she will be chanting and making voo doo dolls. But I throughly enjoyed the evening - and that surprised me since I wouldn't have put Sara in my bin of friends - but we will see. It's too early to tell.


  • So the cat is in the 'friendship bin' right? Maybe that's why she doesn't like you right now. I don't know much about cats except that they bite, take a dump IN THE HOUSE, and don't like being put into bins. I mean, it just leads to the biting problem.

    I've never known you to clean a dam thing girlie - nervous or not. I bet it's just that you man was returning so you had to get your shit straight.

    I took down my christmas tree too this weekend. Congrats to the procrastinators!

    Can we get rid of the word verification thing? I hate it and I can't imagine you're having a huge problem with strangers making comments...

    By Blogger logoANN, at 11:30 AM  

  • I am too a nervous cleaner - I am always the most organized when my shit is all messed up inside. Ok maybe the fact that I was having a guest on Sunday and that my husband was coming home did play a part . . .

    And fyi the kitty isn't in a "bin" - I mean she certainly has one to do her business in but that is different. If I had to put her in a bax category it would be family i.e furry baby.

    Also I think I will keep my comment security measures as is - I was getting ad comments before and I didn't like that.

    By Blogger neonapple, at 1:42 PM  

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