Monday, January 23, 2006

Editing for Content

Ok for the time being I am editing for content - if you are familiar with my blog you will notice that a few of my recent postings are "missing". Well they aren't, that are safe and sound and hiding in my Drafts folder.

I realized that after I told my mom about my blog that maybe I should be a little more cautous with my content. After all who what's their mom to know EVERYTHING.

It's one thing when you are anonomous you can be brave in your posting - it's quite another when it's your mother.


  • I let my mommy read my blog - no biggie. Besides she'll only read it once or twice and forget all about it. She's got that beautiful G5 imac going to seed anyways.

    Seriously, can we get rid of the Word Verification stuff!! It's not making me want to leave you little comments like this.

    By Blogger logoANN, at 1:58 PM  

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