Thursday, January 26, 2006

Look out! She's drinking again

Although life is rough - I have not yet hit the bottle. But my kitty is drinking her water again!

I have felt like quite the overprotective mommy this week with the kitty sick. We have been monitoring every little bodily reaction. I'll just let you imagine all the bodily stuff - no need to get too gross here.

She went in on Tuesday for a second IV of fluids. She started eating her soft food regularly too. We also started giving her spring water in a new bowl, pampered kitty that she is and since she hadn't been drinking it we were still giving her medicine droppers full of the spring water. Along with her antibiotics twice a day, she doesn't like this one bit but I go into "mommy knows best mode".

Now imagine me and the husband hiding around the corner while we do the little happy dance since we saw her drinking her water this morning. Like we didn't want to startle her so she wouldn't stop drinking.

If this the way it is with a cat then I am afraid to know what actual little people might be like someday -- god help me I'll turn into one of those crazy moms


  • You won't turn into one of those crazy moms. I think of our animals as practice for when we do have kids. I am learning a lot about patience right now and how to use my "calm" voice......

    By Blogger VJ, at 1:43 PM  

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