Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Sorry it's been so long since I have blogged. Being sick really took the wind right out of me! I am feeling much better but the husband is still a bit sick this I think is week 5 or 6 for his illness. I am convinced he has had several colds back to back.

The husband and I had a very wonderful holiday this year. It was very low key and relaxing, which we very much enjoyed, since next year will probably be crazy with baby's first christmas and all the family wanting to take part in that event. by far I think the baby made out with the giftage this year. It's amazing how much stuff you can justify buying when "it's for the baby" but in reality lets face it a lot of it is really for the parents.

This weekend we will visit the parental units a bit for the husband's birthday and for an extended family Christmas.

Our Outdoor Holiday Lights

Our Christmas Tree
(That ball of gray fur is the cat playing with her catnip toy from her stocking)


  • Lovely lights! Baby giftage will explode exponentially next year, so rent a storage unit now. Merry Christmas!

    By Blogger Zegi, at 9:16 AM  

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