Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sickness and Computer Woes

Well I am about 1 week into my battle with a nasty cold virus. Oh such fun while expecting. So if you don't hear from me in a while that is probably why. When I am not coughing up a lung, I am just trying to breathe, rest, and keep the house a decent humidity to help both the husband and myself feel better.

On other fronts we are battling with home cooked meal deficiency. Since I am in no shape to either go grocery shopping or cook you can imagine that meals in this sick household are kind of sketchy. LogoAnn did come over the other day and helped to harass me into drinking a decent amount of OJ and water. Now I just need to convince her to come over and harass me more often while I am sick, especially since the husband will be going on work travel next week.

The computer front: My laptop is deciding more and more to be unreliable and just plain nasty, so my online presence may be a bit sketchy for a while, so please bear with me until I get the technical difficulties straightened out.

Please send out healthy antibody vibes! I can't wait to feel better soon!


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