Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

Or if you are a vegetarian, Happy Tofurkey Day! In any event I expect that we will all eat way too much. We also get to see family that we maybe haven't seen in a while and for some people once a year is just fine.

This Thanksgiving I have been awarded the task of bringing Pecan Pies. Now most of you know I absolutely love to cook. In fact before I moved to CA it was my job to bring the pumpkin pies. However, apparently my pumpkin pies were replaced by someone else's, so I didn't get that honor back upon my return to OH. So I am making the pecan ones. I hope they turn out ok. I have never made pecan pies but I did do a lot of Betty Crocker and church cookbook research before I put my baking hat on.

Hopefully they will be a big hit! The husband's grandma used to make homemade pecan pies that were always the "to do" of the Thanksgiving feast. But now that she doesn't bake as much anymore they have had to make due with store bought. I hope that my pies can play in the big leagues with grandma's!


  • Happy Turkey Day to you, too! I hope the pies turned out. It was great to put a face with the name!

    By Blogger Zegi, at 9:21 AM  

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