Friday, October 27, 2006

Deja Vu Update & Photo Boom

Well he finally saw the light and made the changes I requested to my contract. I still don't know why I am doing it but I guess it's a few bucks in my pocket. Also I may be going out to San Francisco, for a couple of days if he decides to have me train my replacement in person. Which in my opinion would probably be most effective and helpful for her.

On other fronts - the husband's photography business has been booming in the last couple of weeks. On a lark a few weeks ago I saved a local newspaper that has a sports section for the husband. I thought maybe he could shoot for them once in a while like he did for the Examiner and Independant newspapers in the San Francisco area. Well in the past week he has been out on 4 shoots and has more scheduled. If this keeps up, I'll never see him! But he is having fun and he loves his photography. Who am I to stop a hobby that actually makes us some extra money in the process?!


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