Monday, February 27, 2006

Lost & Adrift

So I feel a bit lost today. The Winter Olympics & the Knitting Olympics are over. No more ice skating, skiing, or curling. My Olympic project is done and packed away in its little plastic zippy bag. Now I know I have about a zillion projects to work on including:

  • Finishing the kitty's Christmas Blanket - way overdue but I needed more yarn that I now have.
  • Finishing the human size polartec afgan - which is just plain huge and not very portable
  • 3 Pairs of Socks - Need needles and to roll the sock yarn into skeins
  • Adult Version of the Olympic Sweater - not sure of the color yarn I picked
  • Re-doing my first purple scarf of which I reclaimed the yarn because I can now do better - mindless knitting
  • Hat and mittens to match the purple reclaimed yarn scarf
  • Mittens to match my vaudeville scarf & hat - but I need 2 more skeins
  • 3 Baby blankets - my friends keep getting pregnant - need more yarn
  • Baby Booties - for above mentioned friends - need yarn
  • then of course I can begin the holiday knitting - yes I need to start now!

You can tell my enthusiasm in these projects - but I need to work on this stuff so my yarn stash can get smaller then I can of course get more yarn. It doesn't help that I keep eying the yarn at Webs! I am an official yarn junkie! My greatist wish is for some skeins of cashmere or angora. Yum! I would even make due with some alpaca - I am not that picky!

In my solace I am reading Yarn Harlot. I have decided this little joy is going to be my train book. I am only allowed to enjoy this on the train rides home because otherwise I will plow right through this hilarious book and I want to lenthenout the enjoyment as much as possible. I admit that giggling to myself on the train while reading may look strange but I don't care. There are way more crazy and strange people in San Francisco than the strange woman laughing at the yarn book on BART.

So I am going to take a huge leap of faith here . . . I am going to let my teeming millions of fans (the 3-4 of you who actually read this blog) comment and choose the project that I am going to embark upon full force with so much zealous that it will rival the Olympic sweater.

Ok - well maybe that is a little exaggerated but I will leave it up to you all to help me choose the next project.

Until then I am going to sit on BART and read the Yarn Harlot and work on the mindless knitting of the purple reclaimed yard scarf.


  • I would finish the top two finish projects. They shouldn't take too long, and then you will have a feeling of accomplishment. Then when you start something new, it will be just that - new.

    By Blogger logoANN, at 2:22 PM  

  • Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...I wanted to let you know about the Team Detroit bags I made...all the materials were from Joann's, the canvas bags were purchased blank. I designed the team "logo" and printed it out onto transfer paper, then ironed them on. Super-easy yet snazzy! You can get the transfer paper at places like Staples or Office Depot too.
    I vote for finishing a project before starting a new one too, so there's no guilt about projects languishing unfinished. Can't wait to see which one wins!

    By Anonymous Amby, at 6:10 AM  

  • Yarn Harlot was hilarious even to a non-knitter like myself. It totally made sense

    I would agree with LogoAnn about finishing the top two. It sounds like you need no supplies to finish them, so no guilt in purchasing stuff. Then you could check something off your list and feel good about adding something else to the list, or buying more yarn.

    By Blogger Zegi, at 9:49 AM  

  • I feel the same way as logoann. Finish what you've already started and then move on to a new project. Look how long it took me to finish the green scarf for Jessica (5 months). It would have been done by Christmas if I had not started other projects at the same time.

    BTW: My felting book is coming. I think we should do some felted Christmas ornaments :)

    By Blogger phatfrog, at 10:23 AM  

  • In response to your comment on my blog...I don't have the graphic for the Team Detroit logo saved any longer, but it was really easy to make, just do an internet search for whatever clipart you would like to include, then add text (I used Powerpoint, which made it super-easy). Have fun!!

    By Anonymous Amby, at 4:23 AM  

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