Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Damn Democracy!

Grumble grumble.

Ok I will finish the two already started projects. I put the kitty's blanket back on the needles last night. She has been happily sleeping it on unfinished and having fun tearing out the stitches with the yarn ball that was still attached. Now that I have the yarn to finish it, that I got a Stitches West, it won't take too long to complete. The only problem is that since the kitty already knows this blanket in progress is hers, she feels more than comfortable to sleep on the blanket in progress while I knit it on my lap. Oh well. It is hers. She might as well enjoy it and get love, while I finish it.

As for the polartec blanket. It just feels daunting since it is so huge! What was I thinking making such a huge afgan. It started out as 200 stitches and then I ripped it out and started over again at 100 stitches wide on size 13 needles. So you would think would go fast but no such luck the pattern helps to slow me down. Ironically it is the same pattern as the kittty's blanket, so I guess I can persevere this knitting hell that has become my life. [Reminding meself that this IS a hobby and I DO like it - I DO I DO - THIS IS FUN!]

All that yummy self striping sock yarn out in the world that could be mine and you guys want square blankets - ok ok - I am all for keeping my teeming millions happy but when the blog entries start to sound really strange from my insanity of making blocks for cat blankets and abnormally large afgans - it will all be on your heads!

Damn democracy!


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