Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Books That Have Helped to Shape My Life

So in the past couple of years I have read several books that have really changed my outlook and the way I approach my life, how it actually live it, and how I reflect back on it. I am not saying that these books would help everyone but they have helped me. I have listed these in the order in which I read them. So think of it as the reading syllabus for taking Amy 101 as a class.

Self Matters: Creating Your Life from the Inside Out
by Phillip C. McGraw
Yes, I know you sigh and roll your eyes, Dr. Phil from TV. This one helped me to identify key moments that have made an impact on my life and who I am. This one was really good with journaling. I now have a written record of some of the shining moments of my life as well as the many less than stellar parts of my life.

When Food Is Love
Geneen Roth
This book was probably one of the very first books that someone actually suggested to me. Let's forget for the moment that it was my Jenny Craig sales person who masqueraded as my personal weight counselor, that suggested this one to me. This book really touched a personal cord for me in recognizing how I sometimes "use" food.

The Schwarzbein Principle
by Diana Schwarzbein
I highly reccomend the Schwartzbein books - I have read all of them so far but I do think that I like the first one the best. Most critics will downplay this version becasue they say there is too much science in it for the general lay person to get a handle on. I thought it was just fine - anyone who feels that they have a intermediate education in science will be just fine with this version. The later "Schwarzbein Program" is basically the same book that has a few updates and is more watered down. This book helped me realize how my body actually uses food for energy. I learned that I was actually malnourished as a child and that learned behavior has shaped how I eat today which is not balanced. So now I have a knowledge of how to eat a more balanced diet for my body's hormones levels.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility (Revised Edition)(TCOYF)
by Toni Weschler
Another book that was recommended to me by my good friend Jen. I never actually knew how my reproductive cycle worked in my own body until I read this book. This book should be required for all females! All the "dirty little secrets" the nuns never taught you in your junior high sex ed class! I actually know when I am fertile and when I am not - what a freedom to have that natural power over your reproductive life without the hormones from the pill. (Not that I am dissing the pill or anything but that is another post.)

Reading Now:

Working on Yourself Alone
by Arnold Mindell
I am really looking forward to receiving this one from! It was reccommended to me by my former therapist, so that I could continue to process my thoughts and feelings and continue my therapy, while I am not actively going to therapy every week anymore. My therapist said to look at it as the graduate level of my therapy.

NOTE: LOGOANN will notice that I have links in this post to the books I mention so you can check them out. I did a little bit of code research and am proud to now know how to add a link with text and make bold and italic text in html code. I am still having trouble with posting pictures becasue I originally want to post a pic of each book cover as well but I guess you can't have everything. Maybe I'll learn that and republish this posting.


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