Monday, January 09, 2006

One More Obsession

Ok I'll admit it - I do obsess about - well everything. I really have gotten better about it though. No more Weight Watchers Points to obsess over. I am not currently researching a huge obsession project. But I do have a few things on my obsession burner.

1. Cycle Charting
2. Moving out of our Apartment
3. My new music obcession James Blunt

Ok - so it has been a really long time since I obsessed over a really cute celebrity. In fact I think this is the first one since college.

I feel like a school girl with James Blunt's pic on my computer desktop. Now don't get me worong - I love my husband but James Blunt just has the type of face that I'd write about in one of my romance stories. - Yes I do write stories- but that's another post. Maybe I'll post one of my unfinished stories some time.

I could just daydream all day into James Blunt's eyes! I am so obsessed that I have been posting on the James Blunt message boards! I know really bad. I am just so into his music too - it's not that he's just hot or anything. His lyrics are just so captivating and his style just washes over me. It's magic.

So this artist ia a brit and he isn't planning any concerts over here in the US any time soon - grumble grumble. He is a fairly new artist - his first album. It must feel strange to him that his pic is all over the internet and no one knew who he was last year practically!

I am content with my daydreams and listening to my iPod but - god If I ever had a chance in hell with James Blunt - I think I would consider it - after all we are all allowed an imaginary "cheat list" with our spouses. And if we aren't then we should be allowed to have one.


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