Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Week of Freedom with No Excuses

Well Jim went off to Anaheim today so I have a whole week to myself to be as messy as I can stand before I clean the apartment the night before Jim comes home. Yes I do that and don't try to pretend you don't put that kind of stuff off as well.

I have been looking for "alone time" so I could write in my journal and have some "therapy time" to process my feelings but I have been totally unable to commit the time that I need to myself. I have been using the excuse that I am waiting for time to be alone but that just doesn't fly so now I have a whole week for no excuses.

Item #2 on the no excuses list is exercising. I have so far this week already gone to the gym twice, once on Sunday afternoon and once last night. It feels so good to actually be going even if I do look all ridiculous sweating a ton on my 1/2 hour workout. I hate knowing that my body has to work twice as hard to do the same work excercising that a skinny person would. But I guess that really is the whole point so that I can get to a point where my body works better.

item #3 on the no excuses list is taking a socks class. I was going to skip it since I didn't have the $$, Jim couldnt' pick me up tonight from class, and I don't have the materials. But phoey on that I signed up anyways! I am going to brave the Muni light-rail at night and I am going to bute the bullet and spend the $20 to get the supplies I need.

In my head I am hearing a little cheering squad chanting "GO --AM---Y ---GO". Hey I'm allowed to have a cheering squad - now it would be really strange if I had conversations with them but I'll save that for snother post . . .


  • Amy, Amy, Amy.... Now I've read few of your posts and for the record I would not tell you to to"o get over yourself" as a you stated in your last email. I want more than anything for you just to relax a bit. Life is WAY too LONG to obsess.

    By Blogger logoANN, at 8:47 AM  

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