Sunday, August 10, 2008

More on the Olympic Trials Knitting Project

By request here some more info on my 2008 Knitting Olympics project. The pattern is by Blue Sky Alpaca yarns and is called Baby Bobbi Bear. Apparently there have been revisions to the pattern so I hope I can finish it by Closing Ceremonies.

I still don't know why I would choose a hobby that uses so much mathematical calculation and visualization, I am really not the best at either. Logoann can attest to that. I think that the knitting must feed into my need for order and perfection the the world . . . but I digress.

I am using the Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Alpaca in the Sand #81 color. So hopefully it will look like the middle bear in the pic below.

Little Man's favorite lovey is his little Steiff teddy bear, so I am hoping that Little Man will like this one too.

Apparently this year is officially the Knitting Olympic Trials, since we last competed in during the Winter 2006 games. So the Knitting Olympics is apparently considered a Winter sport. Never the less I will be competing to qualify for the 2010 Knitting Olympics.


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