Friday, August 03, 2007

An Evening With The Boys

So we are all getting used to the Kitten being a boy. It really explains a lot, like why the kitten is so big! Even though I am now again the only female in the house, I take comfort in knowing that the testosterone level is still even with the kitten being neutered.

My evenings have been spent lately with my men, the husband, little man, the kitten, and now with Harry too. Ever since the last Harry Potter book came out I have been inducted into Harrymania as well.

To get ready for the book launch the husband and I watched all 4 movies, then we saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the movies. On the day of the book launch we went to a Harry Potter Street Fair. Embarrassingly enough though, I had never read the Harry Potter books - yes I know how can I possibly call myself a full fledged nerd?! I was totally a poser at the fair!

The husband suggested that I read Year 6 so I could just get on to Year 7. But how could I do that?! I had to start at the beginning of course. So last week I borrowed Year 1 and 2 from Logoann. Then the husband bought the Year 1-6 box set, so I could continue with Year 3. I am now halfway through Year 3.

So now my evenings are spent with my men. I put the Little Man to bed around 7pm-8pm. Cuddle with the kitten and hang out with the husband and then I spend a couple of hours before bed reading with Harry. I never know I would have so many men in my life!


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