Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentines, Bunnies, & Snow Emergencies

I hope everyone had a very lovey Valentine's Day!  The husband got me a card and a gift certificate.  I think his plan is to get me out of the house by going shopping with my gift certificate but his plans will be thwarted unless the plows come to dig us out.

My Valentine morning was spent having blood work done in the level 2 Snow Emergency.  
The husband only got stuck in the snow once after he dropped me off at the lab.   It seems like everything has been closed.  Even the hospital canceled our hospital maternity ward tour yesterday!  Yoga was cancelled this week and my prenatal massage was even postponed until next week.  So much for my busy week!  Talk about cabin fever here!  

I think the only animals I have even seen evidence of outside have been the bunnies.  We found their tracks yesterday along with little small care packages on top of the ice encrusted snow - yuck but oh well.  

To make matters worse our development's streets haven't even been plowed yet!!  It is almost like taking your life into your own hands getting out of the driveway!  The level 2 Snow Emergency was lifted this morning but we are still snowed in due to the lack
snow plows in our neighborhood.  Occasionally you will find a patch of road that some good samaritan has personally plowed - but that was probably just so they could get out of their own driveway.

Overall though the snow really isn't that bad.  I remember much worse winters, when I was younger.  It is nice not to have to drive out to work though and the husband's commute down the hallway isn't that bad either even in the snow emergency.  The downside though, the husband doesn't get a snow day - oh well.


  • They don't understand what snow days are in California anywayz.

    By Blogger logoANN, at 10:40 AM  

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