Monday, February 12, 2007

Romantic Valentine Evening

Well I am afraid that the husband and I will have a very low key Valentine's Day this year for financial and practical reasons, which will probably set the tone for many to come. We are scheduled for our hospital tour for the baby's birth in the evening on Valentine's Day. Romantic huh! Oh well I guess it's all about the baby now - as it should be. We should start to get used to it!

Who knows maybe I'll get a red carnation but I won't hold my breath. I actually asked the husband for A flower a few weeks ago and he thought I was being silly. I don't think that guys understand that sometimes you need a little pretty just because. After all it's not like I asked for 2ct diamond earrings set in platinum 'just because' - just a carnation for a couple of bucks.

Obviously we need some more husband training. Don't get me wrong most of the time the husband is on top of stuff like that. I actually think husbands should have refresher training classes every once in a while anyways.


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