Thursday, March 23, 2006

More for less

Well today I had my yearly evaluation. It all went well except my boss was pissed that I had strep throat earlier this year and missed some work becasue of being sick. He also said that he is concerned about my ability to be "even-handed" with the staff HR issues becasue I am friends with several staff members in my personal time out of the office.

All this is total bull since that's why we have sick time and vacation time - I even offered to take time unpaid. Plus his concern about me being "even-handed" was with a staff member who left more than 6-months ago - if he had issues with me he should have voiced them then and not wait till now. However I would argue that I am fair with everyone. Last year he told me that I had to say no more often. So this year I did that and he feels that people don't like that so he feels I am not being as fair. I wish he would decide what he actually wants! Be personable but don't be friends with anyone - Say no but I guess do it universally so no one feels slighted?

On top of all this he wants me to "take more of a leadership role" and do additional financial reporting workwith foundations. So he is adding job duties but then turning around and not giving me a raise for the ton of extra work this involves.

Isn't that just like "the man" - always wanting more for less!


  • The man is always ready and willing to stick it to ya

    just noticed the knitting medal...awesome!

    By Blogger Zegi, at 11:02 AM  

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