Friday, March 24, 2006

The Best Birthday Present!

I am so excited! I have been absolutely beside myself when I found out that James Blunt is going to be in playing San Francisco on his tour in April! But then I was completely bummed to find out that the tickets had completely sold out!

I vary rarely ever go to concerts - in fact the last concert I paid to see was I think Phil Collins back in the beginning of the 90's - go ahead and laugh. Plus I never really get into a band or a singer overly much and I don't even usually buy whole CD's or albums even on iTunes . . . until recently when I got into James Blunt.

I have been totally enthralled with the whole album, I have it on my iPod, I have purchased the iPod videos (even though I don't have a video iPod - I watch on the computer). I even have James Blunt as my background picture on my computer. I am like a crazed 13 year old.

When I searched out tickets from the scalpers on eBay the good tickets were going for about $300 for 2 tickets! Needless to say - that is a little pricey for a ticket that originally cost $25! What a rip off!

Last night though I found an auction on eBay for 2 tickets for $130 - I have been so excited to tell the husband today but then got shot down when I asked if he thought we could do it. Oh well.

Then 5 minutes later through husband calls me back and tells me to get the tickets for my birthday present! I am so stunned! Is he not the most fabulous husband in the whole world! I told him it will be such a great date that I can absolutely guarantee he gets lucky! What a great birthday! I can't wait!


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