Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pitiful Kitty Cat

My poor kitty had her surgery yesterday to remove her Mast Cell Tumor on her ear. I got to pick her up last night. She practically screamed bloody murder when the vet tech was handling her in the mystery back room of the vet's office.

When she got home she was happy to be home and went right to her food and water bowls to eat and drink. So I guess that is a good sign. Her walking gait was very unsteady and wobbly like she was a bit drunk. She has to wear an Elizabethan collar to protect her ear stitches for about 10-14 days until they come out. So she doesn't quite understand why this horrible collar is on her and why she can't reach her head or bathe like normal. The vet said she would have trouble judging distances and I can tell that when she jumps up, down, or goes down the stairs - but that seems to be improving as the general anesthesia wears off. She gets some pretty good pain meds for the next few days but she more than anything seems unhappy with her situation.

I would be unhappy too if half my head and paw were shaved, my ear hurt, I couldn't rub my head, bathe like normal, or had to maneuver carefully to go to the bathroom, eat, and walk around since a big collar was around my head for furniture to bump into. She seems most happy just to sit with me and have me pet her and carefully rub her head where I am allowed to. She even seems happy for me to groom her since she can't. Poor baby.


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