Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We Made It!

Sorry for not posting sooner but setting up house is taking longer than I had anticiapted. So we have slid from PHASE 4 of unloading the truck on Saturday Sept. 23 and have kind of gotten stuck in PHASE 5 unpacking the boxes. In reality only the kitchen is totally done, which is good - at least we can feed ourselves! The next priority was setting up the husband's office, so he could get down to work.

However the thing that has kept me from blogging at least that first week was the fact that we didn't even have any cable or internet access for about 10 days after we moved in.

It is completely amazing how many house projects creep up on you even when you move into a so called "move-in ready" house. I am convinced that the husband will run away from home of I even mention another trip to Lowes or Home Depot! So far on the homefront we have had to replace our sump pump, re-key the locks, have a brand new cable line installed (we are still waiting for them to come and burry the line in the backyard), moved the cable line in the living room, new phone line, switched over all the utilities, fixed the water lines to the dishwasher and the fridge, changed a light fixture, installed a dimmer switch, put up vertical blinds for the patio door, build new furniture . . .it feels like the list will never end! But I am sure we will get through it all.

The kitty has been the ultimate trooper during this whole move! She hid for a couple of hours in the new house but has totally taken charge of household security rounds and has found every room in the house where she can lay in a patch of sunshine.

By far I think my biggest transition has to be my career change. I have been so busy around the house that I have rarely been on the computer at all some days. A very big change for me since I was on the computer for almost 8-12 hours each day while I was working in the office and then after work as well. It's been very different working Operations in my house rather than for an office full of staff members. Sometimes I think the office was easier but I do enjoy working for myself much much more. It feels very rewarding. We'll see how this transition goes - I hope the culture shock doesn't last too long!


  • Congratulations, and welcome back to Ohio! I am secretly jealous that it only took you, what, three weeks? to get back online. Less than that, even. I would imagine a month-long journey at our house.

    By Blogger Zegi, at 9:46 AM  

  • You should get some business directions that say:
    --Neonapple's Name Here--
    Operations Director
    --You're New Address Here--
    --Your City--, Ohio --You're Zip--

    This would have been much funnier if I'd disregarded you're need for privacy....grumble....

    By Blogger logoANN, at 12:52 PM  

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