Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ohio or Bust!

After very little sleep, we are now officially in PHASE 2 of moving to Ohio. PHASE 1 is now complete - all of my worldly possessions except my kitty and a few changes of clothes are now packed into 16 linear feet of a semi truck bound for Ohio! It really puts your life into perspective to see it all compacted into such a small space.

Right now I am using the hotel Wi Fi - gotta love technology while on the road. The husband, the kitty, and I are just fine if not a bit tired - ok a lot tired and sore. I think the kitty was most upset because first we put her in her pet carrier during the move, then all of her favorite furniture was gone in the apartment, and then we took her to a strange hotel room that she is still thoroughly investigating. Such drama, but she handled it like a pro - this is after all her 6th move I think in the last 11 years of her life. Now she just needs to tackle the airplane flight.

Yesterday Monday morning the truck arrived early at 7:30 AM (we expected him around 8 AM). Much to my neighbors dismay the truck blocked part of the entrance to our apartment complex. The moving crew was supposed to arrive between 8 AM - 9 AM but because of an accident on the highway didn't arrive until 10:30 AM. Their tardiness gave us the last bit of time we needed to finish last minute packing, so I guess it all worked out well in the end. The moving crew was very speedy and we were all loaded and packed onto the truck in less than 4 hours.

Interestingly enough our truck driver is a huge Sci Fi and Star Trek fan, so he was just wild about talking Trek with the husband while he packed the truck. We have entrusted our worldly possessions to Nolen the Star Trek fan, so hopefully our shared interest in Sci Fi along with the $$ we paid him will help ensure a safe arrival of our stuff to Ohio.

In the morning we begin PHASE 3 of the move - Clean Up. We still need to clean out the bathroom, kitchen, remove the wallpaper border in the kitchen, and do a final vacuuming of the apartment. The question is can we do all that and wash a load of laundry before 2:30 PM tomorrow? I sure hope so because I have a massage scheduled in the afternoon - I figure that I deserve that little bit of luxury before we move into PHASE 4 of unloading the truck and slide into PHASE 5 of unpacking the boxes. I must say though of all the phases I am really looking forward to the last phase the most, so I can nest in the new house. The only down side of that part is that you of course have to listen to all the advise from well meaning family members on what should go where. In this arena I truly only trust in Logoann's opinion, since she really knows me, knows what I'll end up liking, and knows what will actually work.

Logoann has been by the way the best friend and sister one could ever hope for during all this moving stuff. From the search of the house to checking on said house and collecting my mail - she is by far a superstar!

Since I am talking about superstars - my very good friend Pennifer, who I used to work with at my office, was my absolute hero last week. She called me and announced that she was coming to help me pack and when should she come? So Sunday before last Pennifer actually packed my whole kitchen! She was totally amazing and I could not have done this whole move without her! She is a true friend and totally rocks!

So this is ending up being a very long post, but I guess I had to make up for not being able to blog this past week with the packing and all so I don't feel so badly. I may not be able to post again for a while until we have our cable installed in the new house but I'll keep you updated.


  • Welcome back to the Buckeye state! I hope you are ready for winter. The farmer's almanac (insert hickville sound effect here) says it is going to be a cold one!

    By Blogger Zegi, at 9:19 AM  

  • Aw, shucks. That's what friends are for! Besides, I didn't see that there was any other way to see you before you ABANDONED me. *Sniff*

    Just kidding. I wish you all the best in Ohio!

    By Anonymous pennifer, at 8:24 AM  

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